Rules & Regulations

Official Racquet:  The official racquet for Short Tennis is 20" long, with a head which is 10" long and 9" wide.  Racquets may be made of aluminum, polycarbon or carbon fiber/graphite.  The handle can be as long as desired as long as the maximum length of racquet of 20" is upheld.

Official Ball:  The official ball for Short Tennis is 3" in diameter and is made of foam.  Due to its construction, it is very difficult to hit out of the court even if hit quite hard.  The ball has a good and consistent bounce.

Court:  The official court for Short Tennis is a badminton court.  For singles play, the inside side lines of the court are in play and as far as length is concerned, the outer line is the out line.  For doubles play, all lines on the periphery are in play.

Scoring:  Tennis scoring is used for Short Tennis.  

Serving:  The serve must fall into the service box, which begins at the 6.5 foot line and ends at the next line at 19.5 feet.  The serve may not fall in the doubles alleys on the sides of the court in either singles or doubles play.  Servers must stand behind the back line, on the opposite side of the center line the the box which they are serving.  At the outset of each game (0-0, love all) the server must stand to the right of the center line and serve into the receiver's right service box.  Serve positions are alternated by the server (right, left, righy...) until the game ends.

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