From this day forward it is our intention to continuously build this site, developing all areas in order to grow the sport of Short Tennis out to every country and all seven continents in the shortest timeframe possible, hopefully within 2 years.  To say we are creating a new sport is a misnomer.  Short Tennis existed back in the early 1980's on a very limited basis.  It was played at Tennis 13 in Laval, Quebec, a city just outside of Montreal.  The inspiration and drive for the sport came from Hilary Mann, the racquetball pro at the club and a great organizer.  Hilary had all the best athletes in the club involved in friendly competition through Short Tennis.  Racquetball, tennis, badminton and squash players were playing more short tennis than even our primary sports!  We saw it as cross training and an excellent means of getting a great workout in 45 minutes!

Short Tennis' life was brief, however, as we broke all the specialized racquets we had and ran out of balls, with no one taking the initiative at that point to conceive of an alternate plan.

The sport is played on a badminton court with the net lowered - to approximate a tennis net.  All outside lines are in play.  While Short Tennis may be played as singles or doubles, it is in singles that the most exhilaration, exercise and fun is attained.  

The game is very easy to learn and play and is a hybrid of tennis and squash - affording players the ability to hit shots like professional tennis players and to get a better workout than when playing squash as the ball remains in play for extended periods.

While our interest in launching this great game for the world is to get a large number of people off their couches and active, there is also a significant competitive element to the sport.  As we experienced back in the '80's, the game at the higher skill levels is extremely challenging, requiring great fitness, shotmaking, quickness and court management/tactics.  As such, in developing a complete program for the sport, we will ensure that in every area there are ample opportunities to test your skills against others, through assisting in the development of challenge ladders, leagues and tournaments.

Please keep returning to this site as it will be dynamic in nature.  Just like the game, this website will grow in leaps and bounds, offering more and more information and material as time goes by.  The planned launch of Short Tennis to the world market is September 2024.  At this time we are hoping to have our official racquet, official ball and some really sharp Short Tennis themed shirts available through Amazon and Racquets Direct globally.

Hilary Mann

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